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​My car has been towed, now what?

For specific information about claiming your vehicle, please call our office.
Standard procedure is as follows.

     •No vehicle will be released until all charges have been paid.
     •Any vehicle under police hold will not be released without a police hold release form.
     •Registered owner of vehicle must be present and hold a valid driver’s license.
     •Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover are acceptable forms of payment.
     •Vehicles will be released only during office hours unless prior arrangements have been made.
     •Office Hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday; call 918-261-7519 to schedule.  
     •A $15 service fee will be added for after-hours convenience pick-up.

Impounded vehicles are CASH ONLY!!!!!
How do I collect my belongings from my vehicle?

No personal property will be released from any vehicle until all charges have been paid, except items required by law. These Items Include:

     •Money - Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, Checkbooks
     •Operators Licenses – Any wallet, purse, or other property containing any operators license
     •Perishable Items – Food, Medication

Items may only be collected by the registered owner of the vehicle during normal business hours

What happens if I do not claim my vehicle?  Call 918-273-2462 for details